admin 12th July 2018

The unemployment rate ticked up to 4 percent after falling to 3.8 percent in May. | Erik Schelzig/AP Photo The tight labor market continued to produce bafflingly weak wage growth. By IAN KULLGREN 07/06/2018 08:35 AM EDT Updated 07/08/2018 03:33 PM EDT 2018-07-08T03:33-0400 Job growth decelerated in June, the government reported Friday, as employers struggled […]

admin 12th July 2018

IN THE autumn of 1974 Paul Samuelson, a prominent economist and Nobel prizewinner, issued a challenge. Most stockpickers should go out of business, he argued. Even the best of them could not always beat the market average. But there was a snag. “If this advice to drop dead is good advice, it is obviously not […]

admin 11th July 2018

For the Chinese, it’s an opportunity to maintain good relationships with business leaders who invest heavily in their economy. | Getty As China and the United States escalate a trade war, the Chinese government is turning to familiar Wall Street and Washington insiders for advice on understanding President Donald Trump — with underwhelming results. Corporate […]