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Maxine Waters says she was told to “get Trump,” and when she reveals who told her… well, not even Democrats can believe it.

Low-IQ Mad Maxine Waters is at it again.

In the past, Waters basically instructed her followers to hate Donald Trump and anyone associated with the President.

Her speech to Trump protesters in L.A. last month called for physical resistance against Trump’s cabinet members, but even Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer told her to tone it down.

But Waters hasn’t toned it down at all, and she’s continuing to expose what all Democrats are really thinking:

Waters and the rest of her Party hate America, self-reliance, low taxes, ICE, and don’t know how to have an argument without playing the race card.

But when she revealed a higher power told her to “get Trump,” she sunk to a new low. From Breitbart:

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) on Sunday told congregants of the First AME Church in Los Angeles that God has sent her to take on President Donald Trump.

Waters began her tirade by accusing the president of being intent on “taking America down,” rather than living up to his 2016 presidential slogan of “Make America Great Again.”

The 79-year-old lawmaker concluded her speech claiming God anointed her to help lead the fight against the Trump administration. 

‘You’ve gotta know that I’m here to do the work that I was sent to do, and as pastor said to me when I came in this morning, when God sends you to do something, you just do it!’ she exclaimed. 

‘So I have a message I’m going back to Washington tomorrow morning, I’m going to tell them pastor told me to come here and just do it!’”


It’s ironic that Waters claims she can talk to God, isn’t it?

Didn’t the Left brutally criticize Vice President Mike Pence when he said the same thing? And didn’t Joy Behar of The View even call him mentally insane?

Waters continued her nonsensical rant by criticizing those who disagree with her methods.

I know that there are those who are talking about censuring me, talking about kicking me out of Congress, talking about shooting me, talking about hanging me.

All I have to say is this, if you shoot me, you better shoot straight. There’s nothing like a wounded animal.

Wow. She really is nuts.

Nobody said she should be hanged or shot, just that she needs to disappear as a politician … because she’s clearly unstable, and has done nothing to help her party.

And remember, Maxine is part of the same Democrat party that loudly rejected God three times by voice-vote during their DNC convention.

She is part of the same party that kills millions in the womb, and supports murderers and child rapists crossing the border freely. How is that Christian?

Her claims to be a Christian do not match her actions, and her Party’s behavior is all but guaranteeing a Red Tsunami in November.

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